Back on the roof this sunday !

July 23, 2016

Joe Claussell is back in Marseille ! See U on the dancefloor ;-)


May 17, 2016

Arno E. Mathieu - The Earth Project

On The Earth project, he shows us some really immersive and complex deep house arrangements such as on "Tears Of The Whales" which is just beaming with soul. On the flip "Terra" has that spiritual house vibe no doubt influenced by the likes of Joe Claussell or Yoruba Soul; with its mesmerising harpsichord melody and tribal rhythms, this one was absolutely sublime!


January 01, 2020

After our first release with Arno E. Mathieu -Existance Project-, we are really proud to welcome one of our musical friend on Solarism, the non-stop track maker from Home Invasion label, Franck Roger !On A1 Franck brings a real fusion of Cosmics and classic Deep House vibes, remembering his first love with electronic music but definitely oriented to his nowaday modern vision of sounds. The melodic groove of the calimbas percussions drives you till the heart of the track and his swinging drum, to never let you go and brings you up in a neverending hypnotic mind dance. On B1, Arno E. Mathieu version push the hypnotic vibe of -Tiger in The Hood- using the original arpegiator theme, and brings the track to a deep techno level for a textured and anthemic experience. Ponctuated by a strings hit appearence and supported by a non stop heavy bass-line, the track progression brings us till a melodic synth conclusion true to Arno fusionned style... Welcome back in SOLARISM

Les Jardins Suspendus - Opening 2016

January 03, 2023


January 07, 2016

Arno E. Mathieu - The Existence Project

Solarism is the result of a common fascination for landscapes and a passion for contemplation.After two decades of an unbreakable friendship, we have finaly imaginated this protean entity to express what contemplation has offered us and how it connects us to the world, describing those experiences through music compositions, dj performances and welcoming other artists to release their art.We are really happy to introduce you to this new space of expression, with two Arno E. Mathieu’s pieces of music and a Juju & Jordash remix.On A1, as an expressive musical landscape, « Ginger & Lemon » describes a melancolic journey, starting with a balearic theme over a 707 tom groove, a melodic bass-line and some intense chords till a dark and tragic synth ending. A2 is the Juju & Jordash remix of « Ginger & Lemon » in a real moody Jacking & swinging style, perfect for the crazyness of club s peaktime. On B1 « Hapax» is another Arno’s long narrative jam of acid and melodic synth, over a powerful bass-line and a driving drum, recounting the appearance of something which happen only once, but which always let his imprint.B2 Is the Arno’s Drumless version of « Hapax » for a more contemplative experience…Welcome in SOLARISM  

Solarism in Amsterdam !

July 23, 2015

LINE UP: Solarism × Massaloos × KAMMA

On the 24th of July Brighter Days in Canvas will once again be the home for deep soulful dance music with a spiritual edge. This time we are welcoming French duo SOLARISM.

Solarism consists of DJ Rain, a refined selector of music obscurities and Arno E. Mathieu, class performer and founder of Clima Records. They find support in some of the leaders of the underground electronic scene such as Joe Claussell, major artist of the alternative New York music scene. This resulted in Clima Records vinyls being distributed through the solid network of Joe Claussell’s label Sacred Rhythm Music as well as playing along Joe at parisian dance music mecca Concrete.

On the 24th of July they will make their transnational journey to Amsterdam. And we are as excited as they are for their Amsterdam debut.

Just like last time we will transform Canvas into a dark temple. Because without darkness there is no light. Light and visual experience by lennart visuals.


The beginning...

May 01, 2015

On Saturday May 2nd , facing the mediterranean sea, the duo SOLARISM opened the new rendez-vous HAUT PARADIS, sharing their symbiotic vision of yesterday’s and today’s music. 

With baléaric, solar, rythmic and narrative vibes, time stretches and the scenery becomes infinte: SOLARISM recounts stories that take you far away in time and places. This contemplative duo, for whom the horizon is an endless source of inspiration, makes use of a broad palette of musicality with clear-obsucre variations identifying light as the final destination.

Inspired by a language from the 70s, SOLARISM depicts musical adventures anchored in the present but turned towards tomorrow.

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